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About Me

Hello, I am Manisha!!

It’s so good to finally see you here!!

No matter what it is, there is a reason

that you have ended up here right now

 reading these words.

It takes courage to know you need to know something more.

It takes courage to admit you need help.

It takes courage that you seek something deep within.  Let’s start this Beautiful Inward Journey Together.

“ My Journey of Rising my Own Self started from very early childhood. With time I realized Life is Beautiful and its One’s Own Creation. Life gave me challenges and I could be strong and always very assertive not because it helped but because its what came to me naturally as Wisdom and Inner Guidance.

I could see how people feeling, how and where they are struggling, I could realize the gift of Teaching about Life.

Then came My Purpose – To Help Others Realize Their True Self and improve the quality of their lives.



Let’s do it together. Let’s create a Magical Life. ” 


About Rising Souls

We welcome all for Rejuvenating and Discovering the Inner Strength……. and Learning with us a new way of life.

Rising Souls – as the name speaks – helps lifting Individuals and Organizations by counselling teams to understand the very basic Life-Aspects which helps them in getting self-clarity and discover one’s own potential, which as we understand is one of the challenges at Individual Level, Group Level and Organization Level today.

At Rising Souls, with our Inspiring, Motivating – Light Weight – Meditational and Life Coaching programmes/sessions we help connect with oneself and bring in Awareness and Emotional Intelligence which assists in unfolding Individual and Organizational challenges in order to achieve Individual and Organizational goals.

We believe that Rising Souls is a powerful asset to organization’s prosperity and also humanity.



"Every Issue Can be solved.

All Problems Comes with solutions.

Happy Healthy Life is Possible.

We are there To GUIDE, TO HELP, TO HEAL."

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