Personal Counselling

Personal Counselling is an excellent Source of Support for people experiencing Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Issues.

It is also the Most Effective way to deal with that challenges that everyday life presents.

With Counselling, you have the Opportunity to Open up about your Thoughts, Feelings and Circumstances in a Confidential, Non-Judgmental Setting.

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Common Reasons People Seek Therapy
Include the Following:-
  • Feeling Sad and Angry all the time.

  • Unable to Feel Interested in all the things they used to enjoy.

  • Lost a Loved One, either because of Death or to a Relationship Breakdown.

  • Abusing Drugs, Alcohol, Food, Sex, or any other sort of Addiction.

  • Losing Something Important, like a Job or Money, Taken Away.

  • Experienced Either Physical, Mental, or Emotional Abuse.

  • Experienced a Major Trauma like a Traffic Accident, Personal Attack, or Natural Disaster.

  • Suffering a Personality Disorder.

Don’t assume that now is not a Good Time for you to seek therapy.


Read on to Discover Important Times When Visiting a COUNSELLOR could be the Best thing You could do for Yourself


  1. You are in a constant state of overwhelm.

  2. You can’t seem to stop making choices that are self-defeating.

  3. You are stuck in a rut and it’s making you frustrated.

  4. You just feel like nobody understands.

  5. Your emotions are increasingly out of control and disproportionate responses.

  6.  You have a feeling that the life you are leading and the person you are pretending to be isn’t who you truly are or what you want to do.

  7.  You crave a new perspective.

  8. You just really need to feel listened to.

  9.  You want to finally understand why you do the things you do, think the things you think, and feel the things you feel.

  10.  You secretly suspect your self-esteem isn’t what it could be.

  11.  You suspect your relationships could be way better then they are.

  12.  You actually feel fine right now, but you are prone to low moods.

  13. You keep getting little comments from friends and family.

  14.  You are tired of acting strong all the time.

  15.  You are ready to take responsibility for your life.

I know Life can be Challenging !! It was challenging for me as well.

I know at times one feels Lost and Lonely, but do know, Things Will Change.

If we take Responsibility for Our Own Happiness, Universe showers the Blessings.  

Take one Step and I will take two..

Let’s walk towards Your Wellbeing Together. It’s a beautiful Journey….. come .. Take step forward….

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