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One-to-One Session

Personal Counselling is an excellent Source of Support for people experiencing Depression, Anxiety, or other Mental Health Issues.

It is also the Most Effective way to deal with that challenges that everyday life presents.

With Counselling, you have the Opportunity to Open up about your Thoughts, Feelings and Circumstances in a Confidential, Non-Judgmental Setting.

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Everything Can be Handled

The path of life has twists and turns.. We can walk through with Support, Lessons, Compassion .

Manisha Pathak- Life Coach

I know Life can be Challenging !! It was challenging for me as well.

I know at times one feels Lost and Lonely, but do know, Things Will Change.

If we take Responsibility for Our Own Happiness, Universe showers the Blessings.  

Take one Step and I will take two.

Let’s walk towards Your Wellbeing Together.


It’s a beautiful Journey….. come .. Take step forward….

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