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26 October 2023
Blessings for 2023
Want to know about Your Career ?
Manisha Pathak

Want to know about Your Career ?

1. FIVE OF WANDS: The Five of Wands is the ‘Hunger Games’ of Tarot. If this Minor Arcana card appears in your reading, prepare for some stiff competition. This might be a permanent condition as a result of your line of work. This card is common among people working in industries such as sales, banking, and athletes. Disagreements and discord reign when this card is in the mix. However, the outcome doesn’t have to be all bad. If you’re willing to hold your position while working through the challenges presented by the drama, you’ll come out on top. Remember, you are able to succeed, but you must fight for that victory. 2. SEVEN OF CUPS: The seven of cups depicts a person confronted by a variety of options. If this card appears in relation to your career, you may be presented with many different ways you can advance at work. This plurality of options is generally a good thing, but it may be important to be wary about how much time you spend dreaming about something instead of taking steps to make it happen. Remember, a potential path is only as good as the steps you are willing to take down it. You have plenty of ways to make progress in your career, and they can all serve you well. But none will get you what you desire if you don’t choose one path and commit to it. Whatever you end up deciding will serve you well; so, act decisively and with confidence. 3. SIX OF CUPS: The six of cups often represents childhood, memories, and healing. When it comes to your career, now may be a good time to look backwards on the path that got you here. This card can be a signal that your past work can hold great lessons you need to learn for building your future. Think back on what you did right, as well as ensure that you aren’t repeating mistakes from your past. Alternatively, this card can signal that you may be reconsidering your career path, and perhaps returning to a position that you had once left. #tarotcard #tarotlover #magic #tarotcardoftheday #psychicreadings #oraclereading #cardoftheday #lightworker #tarotlove #intuition #divinefeminine #guidance #tarotjakarta #tarotindonesia #taroteverydamnday #soulmate #reiki #psychicmedium #tarotreadersofig #tarotcardreading #tarotdecks #chakras #pickacard #horoscope #psychicreader #bacatarot #manifestation #oraclereadersofinstagram #reel #instareel
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