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Rising Souls

A Journey Inwards


Manisha Pathak

It’s so good to finally see you here.

I Manisha Pathak, welcome you in the Magical Journey of Self Towards Self.

You can Reach to the Divine when you Reach to the Divine within.

Let’s Start the Journey Together.

Are you having low confidence?

In the tough times, We are There for you.

Life Coaching to Help you through it.

Healing to Replenish You.

Counselling to Guide you.

Card Reading to Give you Clarity.

My Specializations: Working with Energies


I was going through a bad state of mind, one of my friend suggest me her name. As I entered the place I could feel a different and soothing vibration. She was really gentle and humble to me. I openly shared all my problems with her, with lot of patience maam heard me and suggested right way to come out of it. I have attended several session, it was really fruitful. Today I m a different person and have started taking life in a real positive way. All thanks to Manisha Maam🙏

Surbhi Patni


Awareness is the key to Go Within n Go Through.

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