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The Goddess Awakens… when You Embrace Yourself totally.

I Met the Goddess .. the Goddess Within.

I Met her when I felt I am losing Myself..

I Met her when I felt I am Falling Apart..

I Met her when I Thought the World is just pain…

I Met her when I was Dissolving.

The moments of life which transforms you are the moments which will make you feel alive. Life is not always easy, smooth and comfortable … everyone has to go through some dark patches.. some rough roads.. some wounds.. some broken dreams.. some lost self… what we need to recognize is what we lose is meant to be lost… what we leave behind is supposed to be so.

Women have the potentiality of becoming the purest form of energy. She is the gateway of Magic. Her womb is the connecting link between the universe and the worldly life. She is the presence of Love in Purest form.

” That special day.. when my tears were non stop, when my heart was broken in lacs of pieces, when pain was excruciating… It was the biggest trauma, hurt, humiliation , betrayal, pain I felt. I felt the pain deep within my soul,,I knew my soul is cracking … I knew the world won’t protect me.. I knew its time to go deeper and see what’s coming..

.. I went into trans.. in meditation… I allowed my pain to flow.. I let my heart break.. I no longer tried to hold……. That moment …

I Learned to Surrender..

I Learned to be vulnerable..


I Reached to the Ocean of Love within.

I could Touch the Sky.

I Felt the fire of Courage Flaming brightest than ever.

I Felt Absolute Stillness within.

I Felt the star Shinning like a Sun in My Gorgeous Eyes.

I Felt My Heart was Expanding not in Pain but to Embrace in Love.

I Felt the Warrior Standing up tallest Within.

I Felt the Divine Waking up in Me.

That Power.. That Joy.. That Exuberance…… And I Knew….. I AM THE GODDESS.

I am the Light in my Darkest of Nights, I am the Protector for self and others. I am the Warrior of Spirit. I know when I see the devil. I Know when I touch the Divine. I can see Through the Darkness. I can be the Light ….I AM THE DIVINE..I AM THE GODDESS

HAPPY WOMEN’S DAY… all who knows they are DIVINE.




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