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Knowing self is spirituality for me.

Spirituality has so many definitions…I have mine too. I have had amazing experiences of this wonderful mystical Life which lead me to know the spiritual part of me.. spiritual part of the Life and spiritual connect with the divine. Life has shown me its share of ups and downs, and I still remember every dark night which scared me.. which made me feel so lost and which somehow also stirred something deep within me… something which was unknown .. which was new in that moment.

It was a new me.. it was the light within.. it was the brightest light shinning through all my wounds… it was the moment I was most broken but I was closest to the divine…. somehow I could feel that that all my wounds were nothing but my lessons.. my learning… from where I rediscovered myself .. from where I could see more clearly who I am… and this ” who I am … is the start of My spiritual journey.


When the night has no moon… when the sky looked darkest…. one star was shinning far away… though the light didn’t help much.. though the night still stayed dark… but the presence of that faraway star made me believe in the LIGHT.

HOPE … a small tiny ray .. which gives the strength , the courage to move… even when you are broken… even when the path is unknown.

What I kept thinking was… what is HOPE?…and what can give someone hope when there is nothing to live for.

Love? Dreams? Purpose?…. Survival Instinct?…… can all these give hope? I have kept asking.. kept seeing around and within.. why even when one has everything one loses Hope… why the one who lost everything, still can hope…and I have seen the strongest.. the wisest people lose Hope at times.

Losing hope is toughest on a sensitive soul. Seeing this world around.. any wise men will lose hope at one point of time…..but life goes on.. many people leave their hopes…..and die before they actually die. What i need to understand is..He one feels really lost. What can bring him back.

? How to ignite fire in the hopeless, helpless heart..? I try and do what I understand…

but being on spiritual path I know .. there comes a time even to the wisest, most patient being to lose hope.

A Story:- There was a and compassion he lived for..he was a giver, Somewhere he always knew this world is temporary, everything is just an illusion, the people changes like weathers, the time is ever moving.He knew no one can take anything from this world, but he also knew people can nurture each other or destroy each other. He has many experiences of giving all and still getting only pain…. he knew ..its like this only.. he didn’t wish to gain anything..but a loving ..vulnerable heart has its limit… and after a point….once its broken… its scattered all around….the sage gave everything his soul could…and one day..he lost his energy..his strength .. his courage…. and he accepted everything he got…good bad ugly. He didn’t expect anything from anyone… he didn’t expect from himself…and from his life…….. he lost everything…. but he was also losing HOPE.

Love nurtures the heart.. he gave all love.. but forgot to love himself. His inspiring ways gave hopes to thousands but he forgot to inspire himself he stood for all and lost the strength .. he couldn’t see standing for self is most important.

On that darkest night of his life.. when he was losing the last of breathes… not because his life was over… because he lost HOPE.


Never stretch yourself to the point where you lose Hopes. Always understand to balance things…. and before you are broken to the core.. be aware.. protect yourself.. nurture your little selfish to give importance to yourself also. This world and the people live in their whim…

If you go in the desert barefoot you will burn your feet…

If you go unprotected in the thorny forest you will be bruised and bleeding….

Always see where you are.. and who are around… and then protect yourself ..

Be centered in protecting your strength, your purity and your purpose.

You will not lose HOPE. When people won’t stand for you.. you will lose yourself when you will not be there for yourself.

Hope is nothing .. but that one voice within which is able to reach to the core and see the potentiality of you and your life..

The supreme intelligence knows where you are…and how to lead you there .. but you need to be true to self.. you need to be in love with self..

“You need to protect your divine soul….so that the divine can lead you.”

H: Honor your true being

O: Open to receive and not just give ( people can snatch every bit if you are not careful)

P: Perceive things as they are good/bad/ugly… not as you are ( its not always that good people get good)

E: Empower yourself from within ( with knowledge, awareness , drawing boundaries, nurturing self)

Hope is not something that comes from somewhere else .. it always comes from within.

” Love YOURSELF… and work on self purification so that you fall in love with self again n again. You always nurture, protect and inspire whom you love.”


Enjoy the life.. love yourself immensely.



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