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Always Find Your Sunshine

Hey !!! Its shining … its shinning for you.

When the day seems dull, When the heart doesn’t feel normal, When even in less weight you feel heavy, When suddenly the life seems little gloomy.


“SUNSHINE” A moment which connects to something Joyful, something that Inspires you for Smiling again. Sunshine is the light which immediately vanishes the darkness. This Sunshine can be so many things which we can treasure and make the life shine brighter.

One smile sharing that can melt your heart.

One moment of compassion and love you share with someone. Moment of bliss in Nature. Magic of music and Dance. One good sprint in the morning breeze. Playing your favorite Instrument ,Game or Sport activity. Being with your true gang of people. Immersing yourself in any creative aspect of life. The sharing with Real Friends. The morning Tea or sip of Coffee. The cool breeze touching you.

Smell of rain- Sound of waves – Melody of singing birds – Warmth of a hug – Dreams of someone important – Feel of doing something for your purpose – Feel of Universe supporting you.

Anything for that matter….Anything that makes your heart smile is :The Sunshine. Life is renewed every morning. Every day is a chance to start your life again. LIfe is not the bunch of years in your hands, it is the precious, joyful, true moments where you found your “Sunshine”.

You are the owner of your life. You Design, You Decide and You are there. Just open your eyes and look for “The Sunshine”. Its there, specially for you, waiting for you.

Love n Light



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