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Be Aware of The Unawareness…

See the darkness behind the veil of illusion to bring it to light.

On the Soul journey our beacon is SELF AWARENESS that leads the path. But most of the time we are unaware of the unawareness . We live in the illusion that we know the path, we boast that we are going towards light.

But in our unawareness we follow the darkness and in the illusion of light we get engulfed by more darkness. We act out of Ego,Fear,Guilt,Selfishness,Weakness. We forget our true nature. We forget our strength.

We give up on our dreams and slowly we lose our courage and live a weak feeble life. Sometimes we live like this and die in this diseased condition of unaware weakling. But then we can not call it life. Life is given to live , to attain our possibilities, to live a courageous authentic life.

A life which can be called Life. On the path of light we will be surrounded, tempted, attacked by darkness. But with true awareness only we will be able to live a true life. An authentic life is the gift we give to our that soul can live or else in unawareness we just torment our souls more n more. Tormented souls scream for light but the unaware being, the weak person who gave up to himself will ignore the cry of the soul. And slowly the soul dies and one day the person who seems alive is more dead than a dead body.

Authenticity is the key, Courage is the path and Truth is the Destination. Stand up for your self, Stand up for your soul. Stand up for what you took this birth. Stand up so that you can face yourself.

This Life is Precious. Your soul is most precious .More precious that anything this world can offer you. Don’t act naïve, Don’t be irresponsible. Because the day you will leave this world, the day everyone will leave you Your soul is the only earning you will have…. live for it… love it… make it grow. Make it shine. That’s the only light you have . Love n Light



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