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People are not what they show…….They are what the “right” time shows.

The reality of someone is not visible when things are alright, smooth and as per your comfort level. The real essence of the person comes out when the person is facing really a big problem. Something that shakes the person totally. Yes it can be really painful …. but that is the exact moment when the real essence is visible. This is the moment when all the masks fall and you can see the real essence of the person.

When the orange is being squeezed we only get orange juice,.. till its not been squeezed we actually don’t know what it is made up of. In the pressure, in the trouble times, in the hurtful times .. when we are literally broken our real essence is visible.

There are people wearing masks all the time… and sometimes all the life coz they don’t face any challenges, they don’t get the moment when the real essence comes out they keep it hiding somewhere behind the masks…the incidence when they are broken enough to expose the real essence of them makes every one sees the Essence of that person. They fake and people don’t know that. The mask is hiding the beast…. or the beauty.

The sweet person can be the real dark person inside… or the sweet person can be more sweet just like divine nectar. So if one is sweet on face doesn’t actually make him /her sweet …and similarly a bitter person might be having very sweet essence. The one who looks fair is most unfair one….and the one that looked strong and brave is so weak and coward….. and most fragile ones can turn out to be the courageous one…..The real essence is not what one can act like … but what one really is.

One thing to know as an observer is…. what is shown is not real…. the right time will show the reality and the real person. Watch carefully and understand when the mask wears off how ugly or beautiful a person appears…..THAT’S THE REAL ONE.



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