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Don’t get trapped by Manipulation…

“When in the ego-play the hands of manipulations trap you.”

We all know that we humans somewhere get connected to many people through out our lives. And every person has different sets of agendas. From our childhood we either learn to connect with people or we learn to use people. Either we understand what we can give or offer to particular relation or what we can take , ask or pull out from a relation. This basic thing structures us. Either we be a Genuine person or a Manipulator.

Manipulation is not something very obvious to people who practice it, its just part of their personality. They have lived like that only. So if you confront they won’t agree of course, they will give you endless arguments against it.

So how do you know if someone is manipulating you? Simple, try to see and understand their intention. Because manipulation is always to get something. It’s an Ego play. So when you try to see the intention behind the doings, you will be able to see that a manipulator does everything for a reason. They can think about themselves only.

Everything they do because either they are getting what they wanted or they do coz they want something out of it. Manipulator is an ego identity who has no compassion, love or peace energy.

For them only their needs, emotions ( which are ego based most of the time), their well being ( the false being) matters.

They are kind of blind to other peoples situations, challenges and feelings.They don’t mind killing a soul just for their low category demand, need or frenzy.

They basically are dark energy beings who survive and thrive on the weaknesses of other beings. Who thinks they are only important rest are not. They fight hard because they have endless , bogus arguments, which makes no point but which makes the other person tired and exhausted and to the point of giving up. This is how an Ego being learn and keep doing things coz now their ego is more stronger once they won after their ego play.

Ego is always in “Want”. This ” want” is the basis to understand the ego. Whenever the ego plays and when the person who is fake and selfish suddenly starts acting differently… its a clear indicator that either they want something or again they are playing their manipulating game. They thrive on others. They have no willingness to actually see the reality. For them the world, the people and the relations are there to fullfilment of their frenzy. They have no purpose other than being selfishly living ignorant life.

Ego Beings They are rigid. They deny the truth. They deny their faults. They deny their falsehood. They Choose to be Ignorant. They believe in their selfish motive only. They keep on sticking to their arguments and their Ego -Play till they win. But in their manipulating intentions ,sometimes a true person loses coz of her/his weakness. This is happening around, all around us. People with masks. People with selfish intentions. People with sweet disguises. People with evil desires. People with deals and options. People who never lived even a moment for others, who are too far from feeling the pain of other beings. People who live with lowest desire and spread the dark energy all around they go. All these people act out lower energies and Because of this sometimes true soul gets the set back in life.

A good hearted person may not be able to see the reality , a naive will not be able to see the crookedness. But that doesn’t make them stop. Any goodness, any truth doesn’t matter to these people, Because these people are so conditioned in their selfishness that they no longer see, feel or understand other than what they falsely believe.

BUT…. Every time a true soul feels the Set back…. the universe loses some positive energy. Every time when a person acts out of ego he spreads the darkness around. Every time when a true heart gets hurt because of selfish ignorant being God cries. Every time when a true person loses, the light of goodness flickers.

” Whenever you feel You doing something which you don’t want to…You are being Manipulated. You feel that your inner self is crying to be free… you are in trap of Manipulations. You feel your soul , your heart is not where you are, still you can’t move from there… it’s trap of Manipulations.

Be aware of the people around. Get connected to your inner self which will strengthen you. With awareness and observing self and others you will be able to see and analyze the person’s intention and in turn it will help you to understand their Ego Play. This will make you alert and aware of your soul and its truth. Always take care of your soul more than anything, because its most precious. Love and light

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