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Freedom is never given , you choose to be Free


We are born to be ourselves. We are born to fulfill our purpose. We are born to live to the fullest of our possibilities and potentials. We are born to fly……. we are given the wings.

Every soul is born with a higher purpose, and that’s the only responsibility of our being here. But most of the time people are lost in the ignorance and forget the real purpose. People forget they have wings. The wings which make them fly high to touch the sky and to feel within the power of freedom within every cell, every nerve. Freedom is the basics of life to breathe, to feel, to be true and to live real life with our purposes.

Sometimes when I see around , I see people who are sad, lost, fake , coward and lifeless. Because they are stuck somewhere , they have forgotten that they are free beings. They have forgotten that they are so powerful. They have forgotten how high they can fly, they live in the limitation of their thoughts and old conditioning. Life is all about growing and evolving and freeing the spirit to explore the potentiality of our beings. We get stuck in this so-called world and forget that the real world is waiting. We wait in the dream of being free someday. We depend and expect others to make us free.

That’s the mistake !!!!

We are free beings, freedom is not about your physical situation. Freedom is the energy of soul. The energy which soars high. Freedom is loving yourself and understanding that the well-being of your soul is so precious.

“Every being who is in touch with self and who is aware enough to choose freedom vibrates the healing energy for this Universe .We so much need this.”

Choose freedom not only for self nurturing but to nurture this Universe, coz this Universe needs the healing , and a free-spirited soul has the power to fly high , touch the divine and spread the exuberance of Love and Healing all around.

Love n Light



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