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The cab driver inspired me.

I booked the cab, and there I was on the road. The usual traffic and I was in my seclusion moods. The Energy in the cab was was kind of vibrant.. Usually I don’t communicate with cab drivers but that day. I was talking to him.. Narendrabhai was his name .. and I shared what i was reading at that time from a book named “Secret letter by Robin Sharma” – that in that story there was a cab driver who loved his work immensely and he always gave more than anyone else, that cab driver in the story kept all stuff like newspaper, road map, water in his cab for customer’s facility and my cab driver Narendrabhai smiled and said he also keeps maps, news paper and I saw yes he has latest new paper, water, road map .

He loved talking, his views had depth and clarity and then he shared how he understands that this country can only change if individually we stand for each other. He shared his heart how he saved a teenager who attempted suicide, and made him understand Life is Precious, and I was happily seeing his face, his presence in this world and realized he is Precious. He shared how he always helped people on the road accidents…

How every time he got support from other people and I was smiling and thinking : yes of course , you only receive what you are.. ” he received all the help because he always helped . How innocently he shared he always keeps 5k Rs in his pocket for emergency situation . Not for self but for others.

He might be just a Cab driver for someone but that day his spirit touched me.. his presence in this world, made me see how wonderful this world is..He has clarity, he has perfect intention and he always take action when he feels. I said to myself ” WOW .. He is a Hero and that day the light of this heart of mine burnt brighter. The truth and goodness of Narendrabhai touched me.

Seeing this world’s cruelty has affected me at times.. but that day… I was shinning… I was in deep joy because I witnessed a True , Humble Compassionate being. My salute to those who , wherever they are , they always are their best.. that’s the quality of excellence in a Human Being.




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