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The pain of loss will vanish in the divine light of Patience and Surrender.

“When in the dark heavy night the light shines over you, Open your arms to surrender everything and open to receive what the universe is giving.“

When You encounter a big loss you need Patience. “PATIENCE IS NEEDED WHEN IT’S REALLY DIFFICULT TO BE PATIENT.” Loss is painful be it Mental, Physical or Spiritual Loss. What is a loss? It’s a change, unexpected one, a change which you are not ready for, but something which suddenly changed when you were relating to it and expecting it to be something else than what happened.

A loss – is painful.

A loss- is sometimes seperation with self.

A loss- is detachment from something you were attached to.

Sometimes losses are deeper , because the losses are of souls not of this material world. “Worldly losses are still easy to handle. But deep soul losses sometimes gives a very deep scar. Only you feel your loss.The pain of that loss, the consequence you see because of that loss,only you see there is a hole in your soul. In the most brightest day of this world you might feel lost in the darkness of pain and loss. The wound is deep and bleeding. oh !! it’s painful indeed.”

Pain is part of this life.Life brings gifts and sometimes life brings lessons. Losses are sometimes learnings and sometimes just Losses.

When the pain of LOSS is hovering on you. When your feel exhausted. When you feel nothing worse can happen. When you feel life is dreadful. When you feel path is lost, and obscured. When you don’t know anything except one thing that you don’t know where to go. You feel clueless, you feel so lost. When nothing works, your hopes, your pleadings, your prayers, your efforts. You need to calm down, you need to bear the pain, you need to breathe deep, and SURRENDER.

Surrender to the Universe. Surrender your thoughts, your fears, your efforts, your words,your dreams. Surrender them to this Universe, To the divine energy of this Universe. Surrender with the faith that now it’s his part, and be free. Free to be the instrument of the Divine.

With patience live each moment one by one, Take it as it comes. Try to be in giving mode , try to endure and observe self. This is what Patience is.

Surrender when you know nothing you can do to change anything, you surrender in full faith without any expectations. Let the Universe lead your life. Let the divine decide for you. “One fine day soon ,very soon When in the dark heavy night the light shines over you, Open your arms to surrender everything and open to receive what the Universe is giving. “

Light is coming for you…………………… alert, be vigilant, be the observer……. be the awaken one…SURRENDER Shine bright. Live light.



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