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When you leave life…. Life can leave you.

Life is very precious, but sometimes we forget that. The pain, the challenges of life makes us bitter and we lose our hopes. We feel that life is not worth living. We knowingly unknowingly detest our life, our living. The darkness of this bitterness engulfs our awareness, they obscure the light of divine in this world.

When we don’t appreciate our lives , life also keeps slipping away silently. Because somewhere the energy of within reciprocates in the world outside us.

“Your body is nothing but the accumulated energy of you, so everything you think, say or do affect your every cell of this body, the day you work on your energy , every cell responds.”

Big diseases attack when we are attacking our lives , the world outside might be harsh, cruel but nothing can hurt us if we take care of ourselves. We forget the light and power of our inner being , we just get lost in the outside world.

We need to understand that life is precious, not for any other reason, but because every one of us has born with some purpose, when we are wandering away from the purpose we are gonna feel lost, hurt, scared and lifeless at times.

” That's the time we need to observe our self, detaching from everything happening around, and finding that bright shinning ray within us which is lit by the divine.” Value your life because it has a purpose, the day you find that purpose you are gonna regret every moment you wasted thinking against this precious life.


” TIME IS LITTLE DARK , but pure hearts have a blazing energy to remove every darkness.”

Lets Rise , this is the time to Rise for Self, to Rise for what’s important and most importantly Rise Coz its Time to Rise.

Why Changes are Difficult…

Do You Enjoy changes or You resist it? This is very important question because , Life is ever changing, and people who Grow keep Changing, Keep Evolving and Keep Upgrading themselves.

Are you One of them who is working on self for growing and evolving or Are you the One who does not want to Grow, Who does not want to admit that he/ she is not growing just surviving?

Such an important aspect of our Life.. is GROWING, EVOLVING and which is going through many CHANGES.


There are ways which can help one embrace the changes. First accepting the situation . Being honest and seeing what is , not what you wanna see. Once you see the truth only then you will know how to work through it.

Our Old conditioning Can be Our Barrier: We have been programmed to always choose the old, and always choose what is comfortable not what is Truth. This conditioning comes from our family, our surroundings, our so called society.We get stuck in the Indecision , Dilemma . We get caught in the web of our vices, We get trapped in our old sanskara. And as we are not ready to accept new, we keep struggling and coming back to the Limited Self again n again.

This can become a loop and we can be trapped in this loop for years, sometimes for lifetime. We just need to understand that if the same loop is on n on , we need to break the loop.

How Can We Free Ourselves From Sanskar:

Different spiritual processes helps in releasing the old, it helps in removing the knots of Old Conditioning, its frees us from the old Karma, and this will need lot of dedication, pure intention and 100 % honesty with self.Any transformation is not easy, it is a process of breaking down the old and creating the new. All the breaking down always is painful so this process can be challenging but the thing which we need to understand is that once you keep going with perseverance and dedication soon the darkness will start dissolving and soon the light will enter your life.

Processes Like different Kriyas, Meditations, Breathing Processes, Yoga and many spiritual tools are there which helps one to go beyond what is stopping . This way one can surely work through changes and transformation . Every difficulty is there so that we can learn something very important and grow. Every change is a sign we are going in the right direction.


Love and Light



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